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Pipe Bedding and Backfill Calculator

Estimated Rock Bed
Bank Cubic Yards Below Pipe
Truck Cubic Yards Below Pipe
Estimated Tonnage Below Pipe
Rock Backfill
Bank Cubic Yards Above Pipe
Truck Cubic Yards Above Pipe
Estimated Tonnage Above Pipe

Calculating the volume of material to be used in pipe bedding and back fill is a similar process to that of calculating material to be hauled off.
We have to convert the bed depth and the backfill depth into feet, as before the conversion is dividing the number by 12:
Bed depth(feet) = bed depth(inches)/12
Backfill depth(feet) = backfill(inches)/12
This time though we do not have an area to work with so we take the length of the pipe run multiplied by width of the trench by the depth to get the volume:
Bedding Volume (cubic feet) = length of run (feet) * Width of trench (feet) * bed depth (feet)
Backfill Volume (cubic feet) = length of run (feet) * Width of trench (feet) * backfill depth (feet)
Then to get the Bank Cubic Yards, Truck Cubic Yards, and Tonnage we do the same calculations as above.
BCY = Volume/27
TCY = BCY * 1.3
Tonnage = Weight * BCY

An important note about this calculator is that it does not account for the space pipe occupies.